Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Dream Market official url


You can only open this link with Tor Browser!

Dream Market is a highly trustworthy darknet marketplace, been around since 2013 November.

You might find products which are not available legally in your country. This is because the idea of this market place is to support the free market and doesn't follow local regulation restrictions. If you find a product which is illegal in your country, you have to make up your mind for yourself if you should order the product and use it with caution, as occasionally this regulation restrictions do not come from nothing.


It's just a blog showing the official url of this marketplace, I'm not the involved in Dream Market.
This guide is provided for informational and educational purposes only. I do not encourage you to break the law and aren't responsible for your actions.

DreamMarket buyers guideline

In order to be able to do purchases you should use TOR and Bitcoins to use this site. You will see your bitcoin deposit almost immediately after you have send bitcoins to your Dream Market wallet address. For safety reasons the final bitcoin deposit confirmation will take about 30 minutes in average (3 confirmations), this is due to the bitcoin internal workings.

Here is a good tutorial about how to use Bitcoins: 

Getting started with Bitcoin

How to buy Bitcoins with Credit Credit

Escrow protection

Escrow is a safe method to order online and is used almost everywhere. When you order a product with the escrow method then the money is not directly transferred to the vendor after the checkout process, but it is locked. When you receive the package you finalize the order from you shopping cart page. With this step the vendor is paid.

Order process

After your bitcoin deposit has been confirmed you can order the desired product if your balance is enough. The vendor will receive the order information instantly, no further action is required. However the seller needs to be online to view the new order.

While you have open orders which have not yet been finalized you are required to check your message box regularly in case the seller has open questions.

After you have received the package you have to finalize your order. With this step the escrow is released and the vendor is paid. You should leave adequate feedback and rating stars when finalizing the order. You can easily update the feedback and rating stars after you have finalized. When leaving feedback for an order you should only give negative feedback after you have contacted the vendor to give him a chance of resolving the issues.


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